Partnership for the Future

For 20 years, Partnership for the Future has provided high-potential students from challenging circumstances with the tools and experiences necessary to attain a degree.

Despite successful programs, skilled staff and strong board leadership, Partnership for the Future was stalling in fundraising.  After trying various organizational changes, they were still unable share their story with potential donors and partners in a way that created sustained financial success. So they turned to The Monument Group and embraced a solution that was both energizing and elegant: the charismatic and committed CEO would be recast into the CEO and Chief Development Officer. The result? Financial success and a fundamental shift in the philanthropic culture within the organization.

Partnership for the Future works with high-potential high school students from challenging circumstances to garner the tools and experiences necessary to attain a college degree. During that time, it enlisted support by relying on the compelling stories its students, alumni, and staff shared with others. Unfortunately, this word-of-mouth method was neither sustaining the organization nor helping it grow. In 2012, The Monument Group joined the team and set to work recharging the fundraising strategy and helping the organization lose its “best kept secret” status.

Along the way, the team faced unique challenges that CEO Charleita Richardson proved ready to address, and she became a tour de force in the development arena. Partnership for the Future needed to attract funding as well as develop corporate partnerships to support components of the programming, and Richardson has demonstrated her skills in doing both. Whether she’s connecting with alumni or meeting with corporate leaders to develop internship programs, she’s working to strengthen the relationship between the supporter and the agency. And as Partnership for the Future has expanded its reach by supporting their students throughout the college process, it’s clear Richardson is succeeding. The organization has even taken a “research and development” approach to exploring new programming – and finding the funders to help support these potential new lines of business.

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